Dungeon Academy
Dungeon Academy is a story driven role-playing game for kids. Designed with a K-8 educational focus, Dungeon Academy is meant to teach kids STEM skills while providing a fun introduction to role-playing type games.
What is Dungeon Academy?
In Dungeon Academy, participants create and play students who are invited to join a mysterious school.  These students experience fun age-appropriate classes and events that are designed to enrich their understanding of the exciting world of STEM skills, at the same time teaching them the basics to play and participate in the amazing world of story-driven role playing games.
How do I get Dungeon Academy?
Dungeon Academy is still in very early testing.  There is no publicly available content yet.  Please follow this page, we will be updating as more information on our future plans becomes available.
Can I help test Dungeon Academy?
Yes!  Stay tuned for more announcements on this!
Dungeon Academy Opportunities
We are looking for art submissions as well as community outreach volunteers.  More information coming soon on both programs.